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ClaritY for Real Estate Investors

REi CLARITY Episodes

Are you a side hustle investor looking to take big leaps?  REI Clarity is all about building the foundation and then taking action.  Our framework of 9 action steps paves the way and every guest shares pitfalls they learned from and the secrets to their success.  The goal is more freedom to live your best life.  The path starts with clarity.

Your First Multifamily Deal, with Lee Yoder

Our guest today is Lee Yoder, a multifamily investor and podcaster. In this episode, we dive deep into buying your first multifamily property. Lee shares his 5 steps to success in your first deal, common mistakes and how to...

How to Escape Burn Out & Make Better Decisions, with AdaPia d’Errico

Our guest today is AdaPia d’Errico, a real estate investor, author, and speaker. In this episode, we talk about shifting our mindset and following our intuition. In the first part of our conversation, we dig deep into how to...

9 Steps to Freedom Through Real Estate

This show is a big milestone for us because we’re celebrating our 50th episode! Today, we share what we’ve learned from our fantastic guests on the show so far, and walk you through the REI Clarity Framework. These 9...

How to Passively Invest in Real Estate, with Brian Burke

Our guest today is Brian Burke, a passive real estate investor, author, and public speaker. In this episode, we focus on limited partner investing by talking about how to find a good deal, what to look out for in...

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