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The 3 Principles of Successful Investing, with Clint Coons

Our guest is Clint Coons, attorney, real estate investor, speaker, and author. In this conversation, we talk about the 3 pillars of successful investing. We learn about how to protect your assets, how to minimize your taxes, and how... Read More

6 Steps to Wealth Through Real Estate, with A. Donahue Baker

We have an exciting conversation for you today! Our guest is A. Donahue Baker, a real estate developer and investor. In this episode, we talk about the 6 steps to build generational wealth, how to make smart money decisions,... Read More

How to Acquire Multiple $90M Properties a Year, with Dan Handford

Our guest is Dan Handford, multifamily real estate investor and educator. Dan’s team is picking up multifamily properties at a pace that is almost unbelievable, buying multiple $80M-$90M properties in any given year. In this episode, we discuss how... Read More

5 Steps in Development Deals, with Nick Earls & Eric DiNicola

Our guests are Nick Earls and Eric DiNicola, the founders of Winterspring Capital, a multifamily investment and development firm. In this episode, we dig into the ins and outs of condo development. We break down the development process into... Read More