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Social Impact Investing, with Nicole Gauthier

Our guest is Nicole Gauthier, a real estate investor who is passionate about community growth and social change. In this episode, we talk about social impact investing, the benefits of investing in opportunity zones, and how to rise by... Read More

From 0 to 400 Doors from 4000 Miles Away, with Suzy Sevier & Michael Barnhart

Our guests are Suzy Sevier and Michael Barnhart, an investor couple who, against all odds, went from 0 to 400 doors in just 2 short years. In this episode, we talk about how they invest entirely long-distance, how to... Read More

Legal Basics Every Investor Should Understand, with Seth Bradley

Our guest is Seth Bradley, a commercial real estate investor and legal advisor. Buckle up because today we dig deep into the legalities of real estate investing. We first discuss the things you should do as an investor to... Read More

Development Deals 101, Cody Bjugan

Our guest is Cody Bjugan, a real estate investor, land acquisition, and front-end development expert. In this episode, we dig deep into land acquisition and development. We guarantee that after listening to our conversation, you’ll have a much better... Read More