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Making Well Informed Decisions, with Bernard Reisz

Our guest today is Bernard Reisz, a CPA and the founder of ReSure LLC, where the focus is on simplifying finance and investments. In this episode, we talk about how to make well-informed decisions in our real estate investing... Read More

Diversify with Micro Empires, with Jennifer Grimson

Our guest today is Jennifer Grimson, a coach, real estate investor, and podcaster, who created a concept called Micro Empires. In this episode, she breaks down the many ways she invests and how you can build your own micro... Read More

How to work a 400 unit deal, with Veena Jetti

Our guest today is Veena Jetti, a general partner in huge multifamily deals. She had her fingers on over a billion dollars worth of assets throughout her career and has control over millions of dollars of assets currently. In... Read More

Private Hard Money Lending 101, with Kenneth Igwe

Our guest today is Kenneth Igwe, a private money lender, and multifamily real estate investor. In this episode, he shares his tips on how to qualify for hard money lending and how to get the best financing deals and... Read More