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Passive Real Estate Investing 101, with Matt Picheny

Let’s dig into passive real estate investing! Our guest is Matt Picheny, a real estate investor with thousands of doors and author of the best-selling book: Backstage Guide to Real Estate. In this episode, we talk about what to... Read More

Development vs Stabilized Assets, with Ryan Webster

Today we’re talking with an investor who is at the top of his game. Our guest is Ryan Webster, the founder of Equity Yield Group, which has $250M in assets under management. In this episode, we talk about how... Read More

Lessons from 15 Years in Real Estate, with Tim Vest

Our guest is Tim Vest, a multifamily investor with over 100 doors and the founder of Harvest Properties Group. In this episode, we talk about Tim’s investing journey, how to build your multifamily portfolio, and different strategies to succeed... Read More

5 Steps to Your Financial Plan, with Curtis May

Our guest is Curtis May, wealth advisor and the owner of Practical Wealth Advisors LLC. Today, we continue the financial advice from last week and dig into personal finance. We talk about how to build smart financial foundations, the... Read More