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How to Syndicate Triple Net Properties, with Ben Kogut

Our guest is Ben Kogut, a real estate broker and capital raising specialist with a focus on commercial real estate. In this conversation, we talk about what it means to be a passive investor in commercial real estate and... Read More

Why a Powerful Vision Matters, with Jasmine Ortiz

Our guest is Jasmine Ortiz, a commercial broker who focuses on multifamily and mixed-use commercial real estate. In this episode, we talk about the 4 types of real estate buyers, how to become an impact investor, and how to... Read More

How to Acquire $100M in Real Estate in 1 Year, with Logan Freeman

Today, we have a powerhouse episode for you! Our guest is Logan Freeman, a real estate investor and podcaster, who shows how to compress 3 years of business growth into just 1 year. In our conversation, we talk about... Read More

Be A Better Dad, Husband, & Investor with Larry Hagner

Our guest today is Larry Hagner, host of the popular Dad Edge Podcast. Today we dig into what it takes to be a good father, husband, and business owner. We learn how to communicate better, connect with our spouses... Read More