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4 Roles in Your GP Team, with Matt Faircloth

Our guest today is Matt Faircloth, a real estate investor and author. In this episode, we dig deep into the key members you need in your multifamily team, how to set reasonable expectations, scaling fast, and how to exit... Read More

5 Steps to Passive Investing in Multifamily, with Sandhya Seshadri

Our guest today is Sandhya Seshadri, a syndicator and asset manager. In this episode, we dig deep into how to successfully invest in multifamily. We discuss the 5 key steps to passively invest in multifamily, how to find the... Read More

4 Elements of Every Good Strategy, with Brian Briscoe

Our guest today is Brian Briscoe, an apartment syndicator and podcaster. In this episode, we dig into the 4 crucial elements of any investment strategy: assets, market, team, and deal. Brian shares his strategy, the right mindset for an... Read More

Scaling into the Billions, with Chris Ressa

Our guest today is Chris Ressa, a retail investor whose, company DLC Management, operates and manages thousands of units of retail properties. In this episode, we talk about the future of retail, the crucial parts of a commercial real... Read More