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3 Things: Building Community, Passive Buying, & Cost Segregation

Today we talk about 3 previous interviews in this special Moment of Clarity episode. We break down the process of networking, cost segregation, and investing in real estate without owning property. If you are ready to go deeper into... Read More

You are an Entrepreneur – Act Like It, with Kaylee McMahon

Our guest today is the Apartment Queen, Kaylee McMahon. In this jam-packed episode, we talk about multifamily investing, syndication, and how to scale your business. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and want... Read More

How to Build Your Network & Lower Your Taxes, with Yonah Weiss

Today’s guest is Yonah Weiss a cost segregation expert and social media connector. He shares his knowledge about building successful connections on LinkedIn, how to delay your taxes with cost segregation and why. If you want to build an... Read More

3 Excuses for Not Investing… Squashed with Monick Halm

Our guest today is Monick Halm, a real estate investor and coach with a mission to help 1 million women achieve financial freedom. She reached incredible success and shares with us the foundation, mindset, and mentality behind real estate... Read More