Define & Achieve Your Desired Outcome, John Blanton

Our guest today is John Blanton, a successful sales executive and real estate investor. In this episode, we dig deep into the power of mindset and talk about knowing your strategy, understanding your desired outcome, and experiencing it little by little. If you want to think different, earn different, and live fulfilled, this episode is for you! Learn more about John and his journey at!

“What do we really want as the outcome? Not what’s the input, but what’s the outcome? And then how do we start working back from that?”


John grew up in a family where his father was working so much that he wasn’t around most of the time. Therefore, John’s goal was always to be more present in his children’s lives.

He started his career in personal training and coaching in club baseball, but he didn’t have the free time that he wanted, so he transitioned to sales. He started to make a lot of money, but he still wasn’t satisfied with his journey. Eventually, John decided to start real estate investing so he could achieve financial freedom and have enough time with his family.

According to John, it is very important to figure out what we really want and not to just follow society’s expectations. His “Why” is to live a purpose-driven, fulfilled life where he can be present with his family.

“The biggest factor to defining your purpose and your “Why” is your risk tolerance.”


John recommends starting with the end goal and desired outcome in mind and then work backward from there. This will define your strategy. 

Many people have financial freedom in mind when they think about their end goal. John mentions 2 paths to achieving financial freedom:

  1. Minimize your expenses significantly.
  2. Find a way to increase the velocity of your capital and grow your income.

John’s advice on how to take the leap as a young investor:

  • Networking is key.
  • Find a way to make more money. Wholesaling or side-hustles can be a good idea.
  • Be honest with yourself and become clear on what you truly want.
  • Celebrate your accomplishments.

According to John, the best entrepreneurs are not necessarily the best risk-takers, but they’re the ones that are the best at mitigating their risk.

Mentioned in the show:

  1. Brian Burke – The Hands‑Off Investor
  2. Adam Grant – Originals

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