Network Your Way to Private Money, with Amy Mahjoory

Our guest today is Amy Mahjoory, a real estate investor and educator. She raised over $16M from private money lenders through networking. In this episode, she shares with us how to grow a thoughtful and well-rounded network of service providers and mentors. If you are ready to learn the exact steps of successful networking, then this episode is for you! Learn more about Amy and her journey at!

“You want to surround yourself with like-minded people, people on the same mission. As you do that, it’s actually going to have a snowball effect on you personally, professionally.”


Amy started her journey in corporate America, working for Dell Computers for 14 years. However, she knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur and had a great deal of interest in real estate. Although she was never looked at as a leader, she was very good at strategic networking. This skill helped her reach incredible success through real estate.

According to Amy, she learned networking in her childhood, as she came from a big family of many aunts, uncles, and siblings living together. This experience helped her navigate difficult situations and become an excellent networker.

During her real estate career, she was able to raise $16M in private money and now she coaches others on how to do the same.

“It’s time to start networking. It’s time to start talking to people, start getting out there, and developing relationships.”


Amy is teaching a 4 step method on how to network efficiently and successfully. Her framework is called the FACT method.

  1. Foundation: Figure out who you are and what your goals are. Understand your “Why”. Then create a short, 20-second elevator pitch you can use in networking events.
  2. Action: Start your marketing and be active on social media. Start developing relationships outside your friends and family circle and let the world know about your mission.
  3. Credibility: Create your credibility pieces like your online portfolio, pricing, contracts, and put systems in place.
  4. Transactions: Network consistently to have more and more deals come in. If you do this right, then transactions from your private money lenders will start to roll in.

“Stay focused, keep the end in mind, get out there, and connect yourself with people who are doing exactly what you’re doing.”


Amy has been a real estate coach and keynote speaker since 2014. After her daughter was born in 2018, she wanted to stop traveling all over the country for speaking. She decided to focus on one topic in her coaching business, raising private money, as this is an area that many investors are struggling with.

She is launching a webinar in August 2020, where she not only talks about how she raised $16M in 4 years but about raising $388k on her very first deal in just 21 days. Check out her masterclass here.

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