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ClaritY for Real Estate Investors

REi CLARITY Episodes

Are you a side hustle investor looking to take big leaps?  REI Clarity is all about building the foundation and then taking action.  Our framework of 9 action steps paves the way and every guest shares pitfalls they learned from and the secrets to their success.  The goal is more freedom to live your best life.  The path starts with clarity.

How to Retire Early with Syndications, with Stephanie Walter

Our guest today is Stephanie Walter, a multifamily passive investor, and insurance agent. In this episode, we talk about succeeding as a capital raiser, building true wealth, and taking the leap from single-family to multifamily investing. If you’re looking...

Leveraging the Tax Benefits of Real Estate, with Brett Swarts

Our guest today is Brett Swarts, Capital Gains Tax Deferral Experts, and speaker. In this episode, we dive deep into ways to avoid or defer taxes to maximize the benefit of real estate investing. We talk about the top...

Using Data to Find Hidden Deals, with Neal Bawa

Our guest today is Neal Bawa, a commercial real estate investor, data scientist, and educator. In this episode, we dive deep into how to analyze data. We talk about how to understand the markets and asset classes, the future...

How To Grow A Local Portfolio, with David Hays

Our guest today is David Hays, a well-known financial advisor and real estate investor in Bloomington, Indiana. In this episode, we talk about diversifying your local portfolio, finding and grabbing opportunities, and the different types of investments to get...

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